Caring for our kids

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14 Des. 2015 - Jones (36) By: Antonio Jones

In my last blog I shared how my wife and I uses running to keep our kids happy and healthy. The response was so overwhelming that I decided to have a follow up article.

I always knew that the current lifestyle that we as parents, and ultimately our kids, have will result in overweight or obese adults and children. My own Body mass Index (BMI) also suggest that I am overweight, hence trying to include healthy eating and some physical activity in my lifestyle.

I took some initiative and did some research on the topic and found that the Commission on Ending Childhood Obesity (ECHO) presented a report to the WHO Director-General on January the 25th 2016, which found that at least 41 million children in the below 5 age group are obese or overweight.

According to the report, many children are growing up today in environments encouraging weight gain and obesity. The marketing of unhealthy foods and non-alcoholic beverages was identified as a major factor in the increase in numbers of children being overweight and obese.


6 main recommendations from the report:

Promote intake of healthy foods

I am not a food expert, therefore I prefer or are forced to get the information on food. Get yourself a guide to help you identify which foods to consume or which ones to avoid. I found a very useful e-book that gave me most of the information I was looking for. The best part is that it was not very expensive (I am a little bit of a cheapo, as my wife would say, but in the economic crisis we are we should count our pennies) and I could download it immediately. At least it is an investment into the kids health. See link below for more detail.
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Promote physical activity

As a runner I would suggest running, but there is a wide range of physical activities that can be practice to ensure kids are active. Remember a good example set by parents go must further that forcing kids to become active. In other words, for those how did not get the message, be active with your kids. A simple walk in the park or around the blog will be as effective running. Just get the kids off the coach. I used the ebook below as a guide to help me get into running. It includes a lot of theory of running as well as info on nutrition. Helpful tips for starters to prevent injuries.

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Preconception and pregnancy care

Integrate and strengthen guidance for the prevention of noncommunicable diseases (NCDs) with current guidance on preconception and antenatal care (to reduce risk of childhood obesity by preventing low or high birth weight, prematurity and other complications in pregnancy).

Early childhood diet and physical activity

Provide guidance on, and support for, healthy diet, sleep and physical activity in early childhood and promote healthy habits and ensure children grow appropriately



Health, nutrition and physical activity for school-age children

Implement comprehensive programmes that promote healthy school environments, health and nutrition literacy and physical activity among school-age children and adolescents (by establishing standards for school meals; eliminating the sale of unhealthy foods and drinks and; including health and nutrition and quality physical education in the core curriculum);

Weight management

Provide family-based, multi component, lifestyle weight management services for children and young people who are obese.

Most of the information I got from World Health Organization website.


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