Start a business with no money

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Antonio Jones and Quinton Saul 

I recently attended a workshop for Small to medium enterprises and made a few electronic notes on my  smartphone. The topic was ‘Start a business with no Money”. And I know out of my own experience as an entrepreneur, MD of AR Jones Engineering, that the  excuse of the lack of money or funds are used a lot.

Questions like:

“Why don’t you scale you business?” … Not enough funds to grow.

“Why don’t you leave your job to work full time in your business?” … Not enough funds yet.

The reality is that you will never have enough funds at any stage of your business. You have to make use of the resources you have to make it work. I can remember in the first 3 months of my business I was constantly looking for ways to get funds. Luckily and never got a loan or applied for funds, because 1 year later i manage to grow my business without any funds or loan.

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Here are my notes (It is only Key learning points. Find your own relevance):

Think beyond a job
Most billionaires started a business with no money
All mindset.
I started my business without money

Choice. Choose to be successful

What's standing between you and success?

Talent is irrelevant to success
Success is a choice
Need to believe in yourself
Visualize the life you dreamed of

People want to do business with people who believe in themselves

Love what you do. Passion
Only way to do great work is to love what you do

Gratitude is the spring board for happiness or successful
Become a nice person. Like you

Positive outlook

Take action. Just do it
Don’t wait for perfect conditions
Fear of failure
Have to fail to have success in life

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Work on a business plan for the last 2 years?

The tiny steps. Small steps will lead to better confidence
Use a few hours of the day or weekend to work on your dream
Spent small bits of money to invest.
A few sales a month

It does not matter how poor you are
But act as if you are rich
Never act desperately
Appear successful. Confident

Challenge the status quo
Get out of your comfort zone
Learn new things
Do things differently

Focus on the important stuff
Get up at 5. Exercise
Follow up on meetings Prospecting
Spent time with family in the morning

Be a risk taker
Learn from your failure

Surround yourself with positive people
Model the success of others
Soar with the eagles that fly high

Sales are everything

If you buy stuff you don’t need you will soon have to sell stuff you need.

Money allows you to take on opportunities.

Keep trying. Never give up.

Plan. But keep updating it

Do work self
Don’t take no for an answer
Wait till break-even before quitting day job.



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