Mindset is what keeping your behind

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It’s all About the Attitude
It’s what you say to yourself. People often hear the words “entrepreneurship and investing” and immediately get intimidated. It’s overwhelming. “Oh my God there’s so much information, it’s so complicated, everybody’s using jargon and throwing out all this information. It becomes almost unbearable. I know when I started out it seemed overwhelming to me, so I had to check on my attitude.

Many of you are saying—just like I did:
• “Oh I don’t have the time,”
• “No, I don’t want to read that book,”
• “No, I’m not going to study that newsletter,”
• “No, I’m just not interested in investing,”
• “I don’t have the time,”
• “It’s too much work,”
• “It’s just too hard,”
• “I’m just not good with numbers.”

Now, if that’s your attitude and that’s what you’re saying to yourself, and you are not willing to change those thoughts and attitudes, then I’m going to guarantee you right now that you do not want to read any further. This article will not do you any good if you do not have the right attitude. All the negative thoughts that we say to ourselves, and I do it myself, are all just excuses. Often, I make up an excuse because it just seems easier. It seems more comfortable. The reality is that the negative attitude is what keeps me from growing.

The negative attitude keeps me stuck in my own, imaginary limitations. The negative attitude has to go. There’s a great, great book called, As A Man Thinketh by James Allen. In it he said, “A person cannot directly choose his or her circumstances, but he or she can choose their thoughts.


And so, indirectly, surely shape his or her circumstances.” What he is saying is that your thoughts create your future. Your thoughts create your reality. What you say to yourself and believe becomes true in your life. I believe that if you say, “I can’t,” well, then you can’t. If you say, “It’s too much work,” then it’s going to be too much work. If you say, “I don’t have the time,” then you’re not going find the time. If
starting a business or investing is not a priority to you, then you are going come up with every excuse in the world of why you cannot do it.

Your action for the next few days is to examine your mindset or attitude. Do you find more excuses then solutions? Is everything you want to conquer to much of a hassle? Work on your mindset to able you to find get results, not excuses.

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