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I am in trouble. “I need cash right now and my business is bleeding every single month, I’m losing money. What should I do?”

People that ask me these questions, if you want to save your business and you have a business that’s in trouble and you need to fix it right now, the first thing you need to do is to really look at your cost. I know so many businesses where they were doing great, making a lot of money but because of cash flow issues, they failed because they were unable to make overheads, payment, rental, staff, expenses.


If your business is in trouble right now, the first thing that you want to be looking at is the cost. Now, if you’re someone who does not have a business and you think. “This is not relevant to me.” Well think again.

This applies to you. In fact, most people on a nine to five who’s doing well, the only reason why they get in trouble is never really because they’re not earning enough but rather because of their lifestyle or because of their expenses.

So whether you’re a business owner or you’re someone working nine to five the first thing, if you’re in financial trouble right now, take a look at your expenses and notice how you’re bleeding money because of your expenses and think about what are the things you can cut out immediately, whether it’s the fancy dinners if you’re on a nine to five or it is because of the fancy things that you don’t actually need in that business.


Can you really afford the car you are driving or should you drive a smaller car. The house that your bought might be a good investment, but can you afford the monthly payment. Maybe a smaller house to start with and later expand.

If you are in financial trouble right now, if you want to save your business or if you are in financial crisis in your personal life, take a look at your costs because that is so much easier to control rather than to trying to increase the level of income.

Every rand that you save is basically 5 rand you avoid in sales and if you come from that mind-set, that’s how you’re able to make that fix right now.


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